Thursday, November 21, 2019


THEORETICALLEGAL CREATION OF MYTHICAL COMPANY - Research Paper Example This company will produce cars along with light weighed trucks that would ride on an average 135 miles with a gallon of fuel. This company has been well initiated through the government, the economy and the determination of the angel investors who aimed towards creating fleet of vehicles that satisfies the consumers’ demands and exhibits high level of performance and emits nearly zero level of carbon. The company will be based in North Carolina because it expects to utilize the employment and manufacturing capacity left behind by the emigration of the major companies producing furniture. It has been estimated that tax breaks will exceed $180,000,000 during the coming 30 years and East Coast utilization equivalent to the Silicon Valley will add value to the local economy. Due to the conversion of the current tax subsidy level of the US government to ethanol production at the rate of only 50% of the spending in the current budget, the first 1 million cars produced by the company would become feasible to be sold at such a cost that general public will accept. After enjoying the initial profitability generated by the low cost cars, the economies of scale and competitive market will allow the cost to come in line with the customers’ expectations. The present budget condition is the most appropriate one in order to take advantage of the ineffectual subsidies on ethanol. The present economic condition provides the best environment for an organization like Future Inc. The venture would produce an environment friendly, fuel-efficient product that offers comparatively lower cost of ownership than its substitutes in the automotive industry. 2. Lawsuits This portion of the report demonstrates the policies (basically, the ethical and the fair policies) that Future Inc will undertake with regards to the lawsuits in US. The company aims to conduct business for the sake of community’s benefits, be it local, national or international. Thus with regards to t he lawsuits, the following policies would be followed by the company: Policies The company aims to follow the policy towards increased security of energy. It will look after the proper maintenance and disbursement of the energies to be emitted during the process of manufacturing as well as during the process of dispatching the products. The company aims to deal with professionals experienced in the field of energy security so that complete security can be assured to the customers. The second policy that the company aims to follow is related to the reduction in costs of energy. It assures that the cost of fuel consumption by the natural gas vehicle that would be produced will be much lower than its substitute products or the cars run through petrol and diesel. The third important policy of the company is towards reduction in air pollution. The company proclaims that use of natural gas as fuel consumption will ensure comprehensive reduction in creation of pollution that harms communit y in several ways. The fourth policy that the company would follow is aimed towards reduced greenhouse emissions. Natural gas ensures near zero emission of carbon and it also ensures to create conducive environment to survive. The company will undertake its fifth important policy in the form of utilizing local resources as much as possible. Through the use of

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