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The Presence of Christ in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Literature Essay Samples

R.P. McMurphy is not an average mental patient stuck on a ward at an institution. In fact, McMurphy is one of the most unique patients the ward in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest has ever seen. While most of the men on the ward committed themselves, McMurphy opted to be placed in the institution in lieu of fulfilling his sentence to spend time on a work farm. McMurphy is a burly man, with remarkable confidence. The other men idolize him and fear him all from the very first moment that they spend in his presence. At the beginning of the book, McMurphy toys with Big Nurse and the other staff at the hospital. He figures he might as well have some fun with them, since he is under the mistaken impression that he has only x number of days until he is released. Soon, however, he comes to realize that he is at Big Nurses mercy if he ever wants to be free again. Prior to this realization he was an inspiration, someone that others were in awe of and attempted to emulate. When McMurphy realizes that he is destroying his own chance to be free and continues down this path anyway, he effectively becomes the savior of the ward. Like Christs decision to die for the sins of man, McMurphy gives himself up for the freedom of the other men on the ward. On several occasions throughout the book, the similarities between McMurphy and Christ are revealed through McMurphys interactions with the other men in the ward. For example, when McMurphy takes Chief by the hand and tells him that he will make him whole again, the scenes imagery alone serves as a reference to Christ. McMurphy makes Chief, a Native American with a broken spirit and rampant insecurities, his project, embodying all who need to be saved. At one point, McMurphy grips Chief by the hand and Chief, deluded though he may be, feels that McMurphys blood is pumping directly into his own arm. It seems to Chief like McMurphy is literally giving up his own blood to make him whole again. Later in the book, another example of McMurphys Christ-like behavior in the presence of Chief occurs when Chief is admiring McMurphys arms, commenting on the fact that they are similar to how his own were when he played football as a young man. Chief is in awe of McMurphy, and thinks, I ought to touch him to see if hes still alive. Once again, this is a scene in which McMurphys character is heavily influenced by Christ. Chief comments on the similarity between McMurphys arms and his own, recalling how Christ was created in the likeness of man. People are encouraged to see Christ in themselves and in each other: He was brought into this world a mere mortal so that He could spread The Word in a way mankind could easily relate to. McMurphy is just a man, like any of his friends on the ward. At another point in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, Chief emulates the doubting Thomas reaction to the resurrection of Christ. He feels that he must be in physical contact with McMurphy in order to believe in him; this recalls Thomas need to place his hand in Christs wounds to feel for himself that the holes are real. McMurphys cross is not an easy one to bear: although he is not wholly accepting of his fate, he is aware of it. He knows that if he continues on as he has thus far, he will become the primary focus of Big Nurse. The men will be free to witness his strength and her weakness, and will therefore grow as men and as people, free to take pride in their lives. Each time he is called in for shock treatments he pale[s] and dread flicker[s] across his face. In this moment, he is saying in his own way that if this is what needs to be done for them then so be it, but I wish that wasnt the case.Before he was betrayed by Judas, Christ went to the Garden of Gethsemane, where he fell to his knees and prayed to God to allow him to avoid the death he knew was forthcoming:O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will. O My Father, if this cup cannot pass away from Me unless I drink it, Your will be done.Like Christ, McMurphy knows what has to be done, but does not necessarily want to go forward to do it. McMurphy has not had a particularly enjoyable path in life: Christ was forced to carry a cross and wear a crown of thorns, and McMurphy has endured hours of shock treatment and a lobotomy. Both of these men save others by enduring unthinkable torture.The deaths of Christ and McMurphy are also more similar than one might initially think. When Christ died, he set mankind free. Many believe that Christs death will allow mankind to enjoy eternal life. His death was a gift for the world, but release from the torment he endured was a gift to Him, as well. McMurphys death is a gift for him, because he will not spend the rest of his life as a puppet for Big Nurse. It is also a gift for the other men on the ward, because McMurphy dies trying to show them the best way to live.The correlations between Christ and McMurphy abound throughout One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Throughout the novel, Kesey references this connection through numerous images, events, and interactions. McMurphy frequently proves himself worthy of his status as a savior. In the end, he truly does set the men on the ward free, granting them life just as Christ did for all mankind.

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Civil War And A Revolution - 1196 Words

According to the UN, the death toll in Syria almost reached two hundred thousand over the last three and a half years, and the number of displaced Syrians reached 9.5 million. Because of the complexity of the situation, a lot of people don’t even know exactly what is happening over there. The first thing that might pop into one’s mind is that a civil war is going on there. On the other hand, others argue that it is a revolution against oppression that has been brutally responded to. Evaluating the situation in Syria requires solid understanding of specific terms of a civil war and a revolution. Also, is there a general consensus on what a civil war or a revolution is? Can the situation in Syria simply be classified into one of these two? The first important thing to know is that there is no single definition of a civil war that historians or political scientists have agreed upon. However, a commonly used definition to judge a situation is that of the correlate of war project, which explains a civil war as a sustained military combat, primarily internal, resulting in at least 1,000 battle-deaths per year, in which government forces are in conflict with a revolting force capable of effective resistance, determined by the latter s ability to inflict upon the government forces at least 5% of the fatalities that the insurgents sustain. Under this classification, there have been 53 civil wars from 1946 to 1992 (Civil War in the Post-Colonial World 1946-92). Other Definitions areShow MoreRelatedThe American Revolution And The Civil War1567 Words   |  7 Pageseyes of most, the American Revolution was a momentous event that shaped not only what would now be the America we know today but the whole world as well. However, this event had ramifications that affected the history of America for many years to come. In fact, many of those same ramifications led to what we know as the American Civil War. While it may be difficult to distinguish whether or not the Civil War was an inevitable consequence of the American Revolution due to lack of correlatingRead MoreThe American Revolution And The Civil War956 Words   |  4 Pagesin my religion class and there is a lot I want to share with you. Between the American Revolution in 1776 and the Civil War in 1840 a lot changed in American religion. There are three major religious movements during that time period I would love to tell you about, they are, the birth Shakers and the Pleasant Hill Community, the birth of Mormons with Joseph Smith, and the story of â€Å"How the American Revolution Agreed to Differ over Religion†. I hope you find these topics as important and interestingRead MoreThe Civil War And American Revolution1356 Words   |  6 PagesMost people know it as the Civil War, but it ought to be best known as The Confederate States of America, home to the 13 colonies from the Civil War and American Revolution. The Confederate States of America originally started out with 11 states in 1860 and on July 15, 1870 Georgia was the last Confederate state; when they were operating under the Articles of Confederation, providing guns to militias. The founder found out the Constitution was too weak and decided to adopt the US Constitution toRead MoreThe American Revolution And The Civil War Essay1757 Words   |  8 Pagesimminent threats from both other countries and our own country. The rejection of human rights is a crucial action which can result in a gruesome long term conflict. War is said to be inevitable by many but the study of why some of the most notable battles in history began is even more fascinating; moreover, The American Revolution and The Civil War are two of the most notorious events in American history thus it is necessary to realize just how influential and connected they are to one another. What is moreRead MoreThe French Revolution And The Civil War2964 Words   |  12 PagesFrench Revolution is the civil war that took place throughout France between July 14, 1789 and July 28th, 1794. T he word â€Å"civil war† did not mean only the bourgeois revolution. It included a broader sense than only bourgeois, because it was a whole national revolution for all the people to establish himself as free man, and to hold equal right. The origin of French Revolution are complex (584). There are involve so many connected factors such as political, economic, social, and ideological reasonsRead MoreWas the Civil War actually a Civil War? Was the Revolution actually a Revolution?2010 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ The American Revolution and the American Civil War are two of the most monumental events in the history of the United States of America. However, their characterization as a â€Å"revolution† and a â€Å"civil war† has been argued for many years. It has been argued that the American Revolution was not a true revolution, but a civil war, and that the American Civil War was not a civil war but rather America’s time of revolution. Some aspects of the American Revolution support the argument that it was aRead MoreThe American Revolution And The Civil War Essay964 Words   |  4 PagesFrom before the American Revolution to the conclusion of the Civil War African slaves had been enslaved against their will. They were taken from their homeland in Africa and brought to the colonies. Once they arrived to the colonies, they were sold to slave masters to work in the slave masters’ field, most of the time picking cotton. During the selling and buying selling process of slaves, many families were often split up. Slaves typically were sold for about $2,000. $40,000 in today’s dollars.Read MoreThe Iranian Revolution And English Civil War1238 Words   |  5 PagesInvestigation Although occurring at very different times throughout history, looking back today the Iranian Revolution and English Civil War were very much alike. Both revolutions had a lot to do with the leaders of the time and both immediately resulted in turmoil. The Iranian revolution and English Civil war had similar causes however the English Civil War was more successful in ensuring lasting democracy. Firstly, Mohammed Reza Shah Pahlavi was the extremely isolated leader of Iran who was extremelyRead MoreThe American Revolution, Or First Civil War?997 Words   |  4 PagesJoseph Anhalt Duce Class Title 25 March 2015 The American Revolution, or first civil war? The American Revolution was a Civil War, at first. One outstanding reason for this is that the colonies at the time were still recognized as a part of the british empire. Being apart of the british empire would there endow us with being from the same nation, maki9ng the act of war upon ourselves at the time a Civil war.The combatants of this war were The Loyalist, the ones who chose to stay with the britishRead MoreIndustrial Revolution After The Civil War956 Words   |  4 Pages The Inusterial Revolution after the Civil War Between 18-19th centuries after the Civil War, a chain of events occurred that brought about several changes in the way that people lived and worked in the United States.This period ranges from the time when cities started growing rapidly because human hand labor was drastically changed to machine labor. These events started the American Industrial Revolution, which later affected African American socially, economically and politically. However, many

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Social Disorganization And The Impact On Crime Essay

In this paper, I will examine social disorganization and the impact it has on crime. I will also look at the way this theory ties into real life scenarios. The purpose in doing so is to find ways to reduce crime. In order to reduce crime policy proposals must be set in place. Those will include neighborhood sweeps both cleaning up and felon sweeps, community programs, and focusing more on those that do not have a record and those that already do. Social disorganization is the idea that place matters when analyzing a neighborhood’s ecological characteristics. This means where a person lives is a substantial factor that shapes the likelihood of someone becoming involved in illegal activities. For example, this theory suggests, youths living in disadvantaged neighborhoods will be more likely to participate in a delinquent subculture than those that do not live in a disadvantaged neighborhood. This subculture approves of delinquency causing youths to acquire criminal behavior involved in social and cultural settings. Neighborhoods with physical dilapidation, poverty, and high levels of ethnic and cultural mixing will be more prone to these youths. Social disorganization is defined by those that are not able to reach goals that have been set by themselves or those set by others (Bursik, 1988). Shaw and McKay traced social disorganization to conditions that were local to the urban area. These areas were the only places that allowed for people who had recently become poor toShow MoreRelatedEssay about Social Disorginization theory 1296 Words   |  6 Pagesthat researches begin to think differently about crime. Cullen and Agnew (2011) stated that the researchers began to think that the understanding of crime may not be found in the studying of an individual criminal traits but the study of the traits of the environment in which a criminal lives and interacts. According to Cullen and Agnew (2011) this led to a question in which researchers thought a possible solution of controlling and explain crime would be found in changing environments and neighborhoodsRead MoreSocial Disorganization Theory By The Chicago School1191 Words    |  5 Pages The theory that I found most illuminating in sociology is the social disorganization theory because is amongst the most imperative theories developed by the Chicago School, identified with ecological theories. The theory straightforwardly connects crime rates to neighbourhood ecological characteristics which a center standard of social disorganization theory is that place matters. In different words, an individual s private area is a significant component shaping the probability that that individualRead MoreThe Theory of Social Disorganization701 Words   |  3 PagesSocial Disorganization Summary paper Social disorganization refers to the failure of group members to collaborate and accomplish objectives or tackle issues. Social disorganization normally alludes to a group or society described by the absence of social control. This brings about an absence of an effective functioning integration between personal maladjustment, conflicting social attitudes, and conflicting interests among group members (Goode, 2008). Criminologists and social researchers focusRead MoreTheories on Crime1253 Words   |  5 PagesTheories on Crime: The field of criminology is basically described as the study of crime through which the causes, prevention, and correction of offenses are examined. While this process can be extremely difficult, especially for students, the analysis of the causes of crime is significant to sociology and criminology. The difficulties associated with the study of crime originate from the numerous challenges in developing theories that explain human behavior. In relation to crime, human behaviorRead MoreThe Theory Of Social Disorganization Theory Essay1369 Words   |  6 Pagesat committing crimes than those who do not. There are many possible factors and reasons as to why people who live in poverty can commit more crimes that those who do not and this essay will attempt to explain that. The independent variable for this argument would be the poverty that individuals have to endure and live through, while the dependent variables are crime rates in that neighborhood. Although various theories can be used in order to explain the link between poverty and crime, the one thatRead MorePossible Changes in a Review on Personal Criminological Theory651 Words   |  3 Pagesof a definition for social disorganization theory, based on its importance within the body of the paper. The last sentence has a grammatical error in that the list is separated with semicolons and not commas. It should be as follows: In this paper you will read about the explanation of crime occurrence and why people commit crimes, variables to be considered, the assumptions social disorganization theory is based on, and the methodologies used to evaluate social disorganization theory Introduction Read MoreJuvenile Delinquency And Urban Areas1557 Words   |  7 Pagesaimed to explain crime in urban communities using social disorganization theory. Elliot and Merrill (1934) define social disorganization as â€Å"a breakdown in the equilibrium of forces, a decay in the social structure, so that old habits and forms of social control no longer function effectively† (p.20). Using this definition and the ecological approach, Shaw and McKay argue that low economic status, ethnic heterogeneity, and residential mobility led to the disruption of community social organization (ShawRead MoreRap Music And Its Effects On America1649 Words   |  7 Pagesfrom social disorganization to differential association pose an explanation on why rap negatively affects black teens. The presences of criminological theory can also be found within lyrics of many rap songs demonstrating its negative effect on its listeners. A theory that has been presented to rationalize why people ac t the way they do when listening to rap and how to come up with ways to prevent the influence from occurring in the first place is social disorganization. Social disorganization is aRead MoreCorrelation Between The Locations Of Known Gang Members And Drug Violations1557 Words   |  7 Pageslocations of known gang members and drug violations? Analysis It is expected, based on social disorganization theory, that census tracts with high concentrations of gang members will also be high in disorganization. As seen in figure 1 this will be established by creating a contour line hot spot of gang member locations and drug violations overlaid on a map showing social disorganization. Social disorganization will be based on low education levels and high unemployment rates, which are generallyRead MoreSocial And Social Learning Theory1553 Words   |  7 PagesThe Social Learning Theory is best defined as crime is learned through associations with others who commit crimes. Juveniles are very impressionable or gullible, wherein they want to be popular or part of the in-crowd or clique. In comparison to the 1970’s versus today, juveniles are emulating criminals depicted on television not just through associations. Consider the current state of technology, specifically the internet and websites such as â€Å"You Tube.† With respe ct to crime and juvenile delinquents

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Elizabeth City State University And Saint Augustine s...

Elizabeth City State University and Saint Augustine’s University both have good Sociology Programs. Elizabeth City’s mission is to promote economic, social, and environmental progress for the people of northeastern North Carolina, the state, and the nation. Saint Augustine’s mission is to sustain a learning community in which students can prepare academically, socially and spiritually for leadership in a complex, diverse and rapidly changing world. Elizabeth City State University and Saint Augustine’s University are two colleges that share similarities and have differences when it comes to tuition, graduation rates and organizations that are offered on campus. Elizabeth City State University was founded in 1891. Elizabeth City is a comprehensive public university. The campus is 90 acres and is located in Elizabeth City State University. Saint Augustine’s University was founded in 1867 and is a private university. Saint Augustine’s University it is a church affiliated historically black college. Saint Augustine’s Campus is 110 acres and is located in Raleigh. Saint Augustine has a college chapel that is a county historic site. Both schools offer a variety of programs. Elizabeth City State University and Saint Augustine’s are both accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges is the regional accrediting body in the 11 U.S. Southern states (Alabama,Show MoreRelated The Protestant Reformation Essays3075 Words   |  13 Pagesthe church had dealt with similar challenges before. In the 1500’s a new series of attacks on the church’s authority had started to destroy Christianity creating both political and cultural consequences. At the center of the changes happening in Germany was Martin Luther who lived between 1483 and 1546. His life began simply enough. His father was a merchant and his grandfather was a peasant. Luther originally went to university to become a lawyer, when he had, â€Å"the calling† to become a not-so-humbleRead MoreThe Reformation Essay2676 Words   |  11 Pagesdemanded the freedom to educate their children in their own way. The desire for greater religious freedom was contributed to the separation of church and state. This argument of the separation of church and state has been going on for quite some time. Early efforts to reform the church started in the 1300s at Oxford University. John Wycliff stirred up controversy in teaching the freedom of religious conscience of the individual believer, who stood in faith directly before God in 1370Read MoreThe Day Of One Of The Church s Greatest Saints2573 Words   |  11 PagesJune 22nd is the feast day of one of the Church’s greatest saints, Thomas More. St. Thomas More was one of the most gifted men of his day; he was a devout Catholic, brilliant scholar, writer, lawyer, accomplished musician, and loving father. In addition to his many talents, his popular image is one of a man, principled, steadfast, courageous, who placed his own conscience above his king’s demands. It was in London that Thomas More was born on 7 February 1477, the only surviving son of John MoreRead MoreEssay about The Roanoke Colony3826 Words   |  16 Pagesall of London was abuzz with chat of the New World’s wonders.Queen Elizabeth, impressed with the results of the reconnaissance voyage, knighted Raleigh as a reward. The new ground was named â€Å"Virginia† in respect of the Virgin Queen, and the next year, Raleigh sent a gathering of 100 militia, miners and scientists to Roanoke Island. It was a late 16th century attempt for England to establish a permanent settlement. Queen Elizabeth 1 was queen at the time. The attempt was put together and financedRead MoreA World Lit Only by Fire Outline Essay8153 Words   |  33 Pagescontrad- icted each other. b. They also found that Genesis implies multiple gods. i. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux said that gathering knowledge was pagan and unholy, unless it was â€Å"sanctified by a holy mission.† c. Christians were often blamed for the fall of Rome. C. Aurelius Augustinus (Saint Augustine)-Bishop of Hippo, Catholic prelate 1. Wrote De civitate Dei (The City of God) a. Wrote that Rome was being punished not for the new Christian religion, but forRead MoreMandinka Empire21578 Words   |  87 PagesSouth, are every bit as significant as the linguistic infusions of the Norman Conquest into what became English. Long before studying the Mandinka as an anthropologist in west Africa, I was exposed to their legacy in the United States through my contact with the Gullah of Saint Simons Island, Georgia, my home town. The correlation between a white minority and the Mandification of the 1 See Djinns, Stars and Warriors, Mandinka Legends from Pakao, Senegal, published by Brill Press in 2003, containingRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesupdated: April 26, 2016 Logical Reasoning Bradley H. Dowden Philosophy Department California State University Sacramento Sacramento, CA 95819 USA ii iii Preface Copyright  © 2011-14 by Bradley H. Dowden This book Logical Reasoning by Bradley H. Dowden is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. That is, you are free to share, copy, distribute, store, and transmit all or any part of the work under the following conditions:

It Use to Be Green Once free essay sample

It use to be green once. Patricia grace Short story Explain why you learned something from this relationship in the text(s) In the Short story It Use To Be Green Once by Patricia Grace is a short story that I enjoyed toughly not just because it was a story I could relate to , but impractically because of the mother in the short story. I enjoyed reading about the way she handled her whanu (family) , the way she acts towards others, her positive attitude , the way she showed love towards others and finally because of the fact she never changed despite winning the lottery. I enjoyed reading It Use To Be Green Once because the mother had a strong relationship with her whanu (family) , but also with her community as well . For example when ever mum would go shopping she would not only buy her family’s groceries , but she would drive the street and people would call out there list of the food supply’s they needed. We will write a custom essay sample on It Use to Be Green Once or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Mum would memorise it and so there shopping too. â€Å" A sac of spuds† one would call and mum would toot the horn to show that she understood. Secondly I enjoyed reading about the way mum treated others. The relationship she had with her community was a close and tight relationship. â€Å"Everybody knew mums car and knew to move to the side when they saw it come down the roadâ€Å". Mum let anyone in her car ,She would honk the horn and shout â€Å"your gonna have to run then jump in†. This was because her brakes weren’t working. This was enjoyable to read about as it told the reader what type of women she was. Thirdly I enjoyed reading about the mums positive attitude that she had with others. â€Å"When I was your age I use to go swimming in the nude†. Although Mum knew she wasn’t rich she still tried her best to keep the family positive , although the children were embarrassed by her actions and by what she made them wear. Mum tried to always have a positive attitude . Mums attitude to show her kids that money isn’t everything. Mums attitude towards her kids tell the reader that mum is the type who makes do of what she has and never lets materialistic things get to her. Fourthly I enjoyed reading about mum and the relationship she shared because of the love she showed others. When they had won the lottery mum would pick up other people who wanted to do their shopping to in her brand new car and take them with her. This painted a picture in the readers head that mum is a loving person and now that she has the money she is able to do more to show love towards her community. The relationship between mum and the community was a relationship valued by her community and herself. Finally, the fact that Mum never changed despite her family winning the lottery . Mum never changed so did dad†, although winning the lottery meant that they would be able to enhance their relationship with the community as they would be able to offer more. Mum not changing implied to the reader that she was true to who she was. The most important thing I have learnt from this short story , mainly the relationship mum had with everyone, was to stay true to who I am and that money and materialistic things are not important. The greatest message I took from this short story is that materialistic things do not change a person but the person that changes itself .

Bachelor of Nursing for Communities and Corresponding Groups

Question: Discuss about theBachelor of Nursing for Communities and Corresponding Groups. Answer: In broader terms nursing is referred to as a profession of noble virtues concerning the healthcare sector whereby professionally trained and qualified personnel pledges to take care of persons of diverse age groups, ethnicity, socio-economic backgrounds in conjunction with their families, communities and corresponding groups for the sake of facilitating good health and wellbeing. Ensuring promotion of good health alongside abatement of disease and illness is the primary objective of the nursing professionals who resort to relentless initiatives for rendering the most appropriate care for the ill, disabled or dying persons as the situation might have arose in liaison with the established codes of practices (Kearney-Nunnery, 2015). The nurses always try and bring forth the optimal outcomes for the patient and ensure holistic development of them through the avenue of advocacy and nursing education (Yi Keogh, 2016). The various concepts and pertinent foundational theory and documents wi ll be thoroughly discussed in course of the assignment. In matters related to the healthcare industry nursing has been reckoned as a crucial component, in which the designated healthcare professionals strive to achieve excellence in terms of providing the desirable helathcare4 facilities to the distressed patients so that health may be fostered and diseases or illness may be largely kept at bay. The nursing interventions are applicable to wide setting of patients who belong to diverse age and ethnic backgrounds. The definition proposed by International Council for Nurses, nursing encompasses autonomous and collaborative care of persons belonging to diverse age and community within the healthcare set up. The principal concerns of the nursing professionals is streamlined to the facilitation of good health alongside prevention of illness apart from applying care services meant for the ill, disabled an dying people in an effort to harbor positive outcomes. Besides these necessities, the nurses are entitled to offer optimal care services throu gh promotion of a safe health environment conducive for health improvement of the sick individual. Advocacy for healthcare improvement through conducting extensive research and taking active part for chalking out of health policy through careful management of patient and health systems through empowerment by means of education is also carried forward by the nurses (, 2017). The basic requirements for becoming a nurse are only fulfilled when the aspirant enrolls for the nursing education course and successfully completes it. Further, top be eligible for practice in the respective nation, the course needs to be approved and affiliated under suitable regulatory authority. The foundation to basic nursing course and behavioral sciences is offered within the scope of the formally identified curriculum that has to be judiciously completed by the nursing enthusiast. Continuous learning is a defining feature of the nursing profession whereby persistent and relentless initiatives are us urped by the concerned nurses to achieve the optimal outcomes of providing quality care to the patients (Ironside, McNelis Ebright, 2014). Hence, I feel these healthcare professionals unlike any other healthcare personnel, due to their closer association with the patients act as the frontline workforce who serve the healthcare industry and are likely to acquire considerable experiences through varied situations and circumstances. Their contribution to the creation of a healthy environment, fitter lifestyle and healthier communities is indispensable that in turn indicate towards the promotion of sustainable future through approaches that are conducive. The acquisition of the desirable skills and working in conformity with the established guidelines according to me is of focal interest in nursing as it is directly associated with the outcomes of the patient. Explanation of the various phenomena concerning the healthcare domain is usually provided by virtue o several nursing theories that have been postulated by renowned theorist who endeavored to elucidate them in considerable details. The usability of these theories in real life settings have been referred to through empirical findings those talks in favor of their application to generate practices and positive outcomes that are in line with the patient conditions. The postulates of the nursing theories have stood the test of time and therefore are widely used in the context of diverse clinical settings to provide optimal care for the patients. Conventionally, the nursing metaparadigm is shrouded with four integral constituents that encompass person, health, environment and nursing. The common factor out of these components is found out to be that of patient and therefore more emphasis is laid on this. Many theories have come into force till now accompanied by relevant descriptions, def initions and explanations and stated by renowned theorist which paved the way for explaining the nursing practice under a rational and constructive framework (Fitzpatrick McCarthy, 2014). I make it a point not to refute any of the principles and values that circumscribe the vocation of nursing so that maximum comfort and valid outcomes for the patient may be elicited. Distinguished theorists have put forward certain pertinent theories that are capable of explaining the situations as applicable to the patient situation in a satisfactory way (Alligood, 2014). Out of the theories that are in vogue, I specifically rely more on the Orlandos Deliberative Nursing Process Theory as I find it to be befitting to any patient situation and therefore has the potential to drive positive responses. The theory shows significant support for the interaction among the nurse and the patient. Besides these emphasis is laid on proper applicability of the nursing processes through perception validation t hereby accounting for holistic improvement of the patient condition. The theory aims to discuss the interrelated concepts which include patients presenting behavior, professional nursing function, immediate reaction, deliberative nursing process and subsequently emancipation of the present condition. Both in professional as well as administrative discourse this theory is of paramount importance because of its clearly narrated proceedings, conciseness and applicability to diverse range of clinical setting. The mutual associations between the nurses and patients present opportunities for in depth analysis and probe into matter of patient through the prudent application of critical reflection (May, 2013). Therefore, I hold a very high esteem of this theory as in contemporary nursing, critical reflection is recognized as an essential characteristic to pursue clinical assessment of the patient in an appropriate manner. Conformance to the existing legislations and guidelines is a vital aspect of nursing as it ensures the provision of optimal healthcare facilities to the patients allaying the risk of harms that do not account for threat to their lives. Ethical decision making is yet another major focus area for nursing similar to any healthcare set up for safeguarding the interests of the patient by aligning to the specified set of duties and circumstances that are recognized as sufficient for harboring positive outcomes for the patient. The participation and opinions as exerted by the patients, their families and friends is vital to the decision making process as they are considered as integral and interrelated components of the healthcare system. Various situations might pose challenges to the nursing professionals in maintaining the autonomy of the patients without any risk of hazard and nurses must be proficient enough to carry out their assigned duties diligently under such situations. Safekeepi ng of the recorded data and maintaining their confidentiality is another vital feature that needs to be kept in mind so that no breach of conduct occurs from the nurses ends in abiding by the legal and ethical guidelines as presented by the concerned authority (Grace, 2017). Relevant to this context, I would like to acknowledge the code of ethics put forward by the New Zealand Nurse Organisation that might aid in exploring the details of the nursing practice within the given framework. The code include the composition of certain virtues and principles which encompass beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy, confidentiality, justice, fidelity, veracity, guardianship of the near environment alongside its resources as well as being professional. As far as these principles is concerned, I feel Being Professional is the most significant out of them all as it is intimately associated with achieving desired level of professional competency. The demonstration of suitable actions, commitment and accountability by the nurses is vital to tackle the situation of the distressed patients in a satisfactory manner (, 2017). The Nursing Council of New Zealand has taken measures to present certain well defined domains and competencies that the Registered Nurses and other nursing personnel are expected to follow to maintain the professional competency. In the scope of practice for the Registered Nurse, four domains of competencies have been recommended. Accomplishment of nursing competencies within the set domains is of significance as it ensures the safe practice for rendering healthcare service. The respective domains of 1, 2, 3 and 4 contribute to responsibility in the professional contexts, nursing care management, building of interpersonal relationships alongside improvement off quality and inter-professional healthcare. The needs of the clients are heeded to through assessment and management of service recipient care that relate to domain 2 competencies. Nursing knowledge and evidence-based care are vital to the accomplishment of the competencies related to Domain 2. Classification of Domain 2 into n ine other competencies include planned care for rendering optimal outcomes, conduct of prudent and comprehensive nursing evaluation for patients in diverse settings, safeguarding the interests of the patients by maintaining the confidentiality of data and providing most accurate, transparent and specific information about the potential effects of the interventions applied alongside through outcomes and offering of proposed treatment alternatives. It is also held crucial to maintain appropriate action in times of crisis at personal and professional level. Other competencies entrenched in this domain caters to the assessment of the patients progress alongside maintenance of desired level of service proficiency (, 2017). Abidance and acting in line with these competencies is thus vital to the maintenance of quality, safe and effective modality of treatment intervention. Few historical incidents that took place in New Zealand have shaped the state of the nursing profession in the country. Treaty of Waitangi is one such happening that may be considered important and relevant in this context. An agreement was made between the representatives of the British Crown and M?ori inhabitants that agreed upon approving both the parties to live together in the domicile of New Zealand governed by a common set of laws. Principles that constitute the treaty has been deeply scrutinized and put under the radar of rigorous investigation to get an insight about its utilization in the context of modern times where considerable development for a sustainable future may be effectively achieved. According to the decision and agreement made in this treaty, strengthening of the vital aspects concerning partnership, participation and protection was ensured that in turn accounted for the coalition between the Government and M?ori inhabitants (Ludbrook, 2014). The principle of p rotection as per my opinion is of greater significance as it entitles the M?ori people to enjoy equal benefits in terms of healthcare facilities at par with other indigenous population of New Zealand thereby allaying the possibility of inequality in healthcare by equal opportunities for healthcare facilities through conduct of Governmental initiatives and programs. Moreover, the cultural practices and beliefs specific to the M?ori community are also safeguarded by means of this principle thereby ensuring facilitation and adoption of culturally safe healthcare facilities (Ministry of Health NZ, 2017). Thus, this principle has got significance in nursing profession as well for the purpose of rendering quality health opportunities to the people belonging to the specific community. Consideration of the various aspects of nursing, I am now able to articulate my opinion and perspective regarding the vocation. As per my opinion, I see nursing as a profession brewing with lots of challenges and opportunities that go hand in hand and offer the dynamism to the domain of practice unlike any other profession may sought. Critical reflection forms the governing component of nursing whereby the nurses apply prudent and pragmatic knowledge so that the patients may undergo speedy recovery without incurring any harm to their health. Evaluation of the patient situation and undertaking suitable interventions in line with the ethical and legal dictums as laid out by concerned authorities is usually achieved by these professionals. Further I believe that working in conformity with the codes of practice, established protocols and exhibition of competence towards the job is of paramount importance in nursing. References Alligood, M. R. (2014).Nursing theorists and their work. Elsevier Health Sciences. Fitzpatrick, J. J., McCarthy, G. (Eds.). (2014).Theories Guiding Nursing Research and Practice: Making Nursing Knowledge Development Explicit. Springer Publishing Company. Grace, P. J. (2017).Nursing ethics and professional responsibility in advanced practice. Jones Bartlett Learning. (2017).Definition of Retrieved 22 August 2017, from Ironside, P. M., McNelis, A. M., Ebright, P. (2014). Clinical education in nursing: Rethinking learning in practice settings.Nursing Outlook,62(3), 185-191. Kearney-Nunnery, R. (2015).Advancing Your Career Concepts in Professional Nursing. FA Davis. Ludbrook, J. (2014). The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi: Their Nature, Their Limits and Their Future.Browser Download This Paper. May, B. A. (2013). Orlandos Nursing Process Theory in Nursing Practice.Nursing Theory-E-Book: Utilization Application, 285. Ministry of Health NZ. (2017).Treaty of Waitangi principles.Ministry of Health NZ. Retrieved 22 August 2017, from (2017).Registered nurse / Scopes of practice / Nurses / Home - Nursing Council of New Retrieved 22 August 2017, from (2017).Code of Retrieved 22 August 2017, from Yi, M., Keogh, B. (2016). What motivates men to choose nursing as a profession? A systematic review of qualitative studies.Contemporary nurse,52(1), 95-105.

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Shoplifting and Its Effect on Society free essay sample

Shoplifting affects not only me but my family as well. I feel embarrassed and worthless yet if I felt like that. â€Å"Why did I do it in the first place? † Because shoplifting is tempting, the shoplifter thinks they’re getting the product for free. But the truth is that someone has to pay for our mistake, thus price rises and the community has to pay. And some stores could even go bankrupt because of shoplifting. It is unfair to people who do not shoplift to pay for the mistakes that shoplifters make. People in the community who are not as wealthy as others have a harder time paying for their food and needs, and when they feel they can’t afford spending too much money at a certain retail store they will have to go to another destination to shop, causing a great inconvience to them and also the retail store will be losing money and might even close down in the future. We will write a custom essay sample on Shoplifting and Its Effect on Society or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page We also suffer on a personal level, when an employee who realizes an item has been stolen from their store. They often feel violated, and when they feel violated it causes them to lose trust in others. So store employee follow potential merchants, watching their every move, making potential merchants uneasy and guilty when they are innocent. As there is no ‘look’ of a shoplifter, there is no way to identify whether a person is going to shoplift or not. And thus trust is lost between the merchant and the retailer. Resulting in an uncomfortable environment to shop in. Only about three percent of shoplifters are professionals. The rest of the shoplifters, shoplift as a response to experiencing stress in their personal lives. I myself am an immigrant from Singapore I just moved to Canada last year and a lot has happened since then. I survived being poor and unsatisfying for a year, so â€Å"why did I shoplift? † part of me believes that it is because I’m poor and I just wanted something, but part of me believes that it also because of what I’m going through a lot of stress and I feel depressed at times. Its like I need to fill up a hole in me. I thought shoplifting would make me feel better but the truth is you will lose all self-confidence in yourself. You become even more depressed and emotional you start to feel as if you don’t deserve a lot of things, or that others are better than you. Shoplifting has broken up many families and friends, the distrust and the disappointment they have when they look at you will consume you and soon you yourself will change. I was fortunate that my mother was very understanding and offered to help me out of my depression. She did admitted her disappointment in me but she told me I am still a good person. That made me realized that as a individual we belong to a community, and we make up what the community will become, each of us play a role to become someone bigger than themselves. When someone does well another will also want to do well. We could start by doing community work and volunteering at places that need our help. Helping others can without a doubt make you feel better about yourself, shoplifting will only make that empty feeling deeper as you start to feel guilty and worthless that others are better than you for not shoplifting. You’ll feel like the bad guy. Nowadays people not only shoplift, but steal and con others of their money this is because people who becomes thieves usually starts as shoplifters at a young age. Shoplifting when young can often lead to becoming thieves and robbers in the future. In fact ninety percent of convicts admitted that they have shoplifted before in their teenage years or younger. Statistics shows that there is an average of twenty-seven million shoplifters in the United States of America alone, which equates to one person in eleven, and only ten million have been caught within the past five years. Kids make up twenty-five percent of shoplifter; adults, seventy-five percent. People have been doing this for a long time because fifty-five percent of adults claim they began to shoplift as teenagers, and when asked, seventy-three percent of adults and seventy-two percent of juveniles do not plan to shoplift, it just an act of impulse. And also, an astonishing eighty-nine percent of kids say they know of other kids who shoplift and sixty-six percent say they associate with them. And only three percent of shoplifters are professionals, but they make up 10 percent of the item they sell. Some even after being caught in the act, fifty-seven percent of adults and thirty-three percent of juveniles say it is difficult to stop even after being caught. Habits are hard to break, shoplifting becomes an addiction and you try to stop but you just can’t. And when you reach that point statistics show that habitual shoplifters steal at least two times a week. So when I got caught on my first time I’m grateful for it, for without it I might have become addicted to shoplifting or worse wanted to make it my professional career. Shoplifting is illegal and is a punishable crime by law. It is not a small crime whether you stole fifty dollars worth of items or ten dollars worth of items. The crime is the same you have shoplifted from the store, and stolen something that doesn’t belong to you. For example, you can be arrested and paraded through a store in handcuffs, banned from stores or malls, and you may even end up with a criminal record. If you get a criminal record especially when you are young people will treat you like an ex-convict, it’ll be harder to get a job, get into college, or anything else that need a criminal background check. Which is mostly everything. Shoplifting can ruin your life but remember even without getting caught can shoplifting also ruin your life, as I have already stated that shoplifting affects you emotionally the same thing applies here you lose your self-respect and your respect for others. Small crime doesn’t mean no crime. Responsibilty for your family, friends and the people surrounding you, there are people that look up, like you’re their role model. I myself have siblings and I hope very much they don’t follow in my footsteps; I have never done anything that would cause people to lose their faith and respect in me. It is my responsibilty to set a good role model for my younger siblings. Also you as an individual have a responsibility as a civilent to be a good role model to the community. Never think that there is no one watching you, there is always someone watching and looking up to you in respect if you’ve done the right things. Respect is something you earn not given. By shoplifting you are openly disrespecting the community and although you may not notice now, but you are also disrespecting yourself. When you shoplift you are disrespecting the community by