Monday, November 25, 2019

Australia Is Unique Essays

Australia Is Unique Essays Australia Is Unique Essay Australia Is Unique Essay Essay Topic: Unique Australia is often described as being unique. Discuss three aspects that make it unique. Australia is one of kind. It is only country in the world that is continent as well as a country. It also has a lot of other characteristics that make it unique. Some aspects that contribute to uniqueness are landform region, climate region and the wildlife of Australia. Firstly, the contrasting landform region makes Australia special. Australia can be divided into four major landform divisions which are coastal plains, eastern highlands, central lowlands and western plateau. Coastal plains are known as flat areas that are found along the eastern edge of Australiaâ„ ¢s coastline. The places which are located on the coastal plains are Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Next, eastern highlands are a series of mountains on the eastern side of Australia. The mountains are found in North Queensland and all the way down the central Victoria. Most of the mountains are quite small like Blue Mountains. The central lowlands cover a quarter of Australia. The centre of Australia is very flat and dry so that very few of population living there. For example, The Simpson Desert, with red sands for hundreds of kilometres long and up to 30 metres of height. The western plateau covers two â€Å"thirds of the Western Australia. It is one of the oldest places on Earth. It is made up of a huge, stable block of ancient igneous and metamorphic rock, which is up to 3.5 billion years ago. The plateau is mostly very dry and is located at the Gibson, the Great Sandy and Tanami. Secondly, the climate region of Australia makes Australia looked different. The main features of Australiaâ„ ¢s climate pattern are hot-wet zone in tropical north, hot-dry zone in centre and on the west coast and, a zone of moderate temperatures and rainfall on eastern and southern coasts. At the hot-wet zone in tropical north which is known as Darwin, hot summer is a time low pressure systems and monsoonal winds that bring heavy rains. Hot-dry zone in centre and on the west coast like Alice Springs and Perth, the summer is influenced by hot, dry easterly winds. The zone of moderate temperatures and rainfall on eastern and southern coasts are found at Queensland and Sydney. The heavy rain happened at there as the low pressure systems and onshore south east trade winds bring summer rains towards the eastern and southern coasts. Finally, wildlife in Australia also made this continent special. This is because there are a lot of unusual species which found nowhere else in the world. In research, there are 450 species of mammals, 300 species of lizards, 140 species of snake, 2180 species of fish, 750 species of birds and 2000 species of spider. The wildlife which symbolise Australia are kangaroo and koala. Kangaroos are the largest living marsupials in the world and usually are red or grey. Kangaroos give birth to small premature young called a joey. The koala has a large head, hairy ears fringed with white, and a large nose. It has dense, woolly, greyish white fur. It uses most of time sleeping. One of the interested of the wildlife is emu. Emu is the largest bird in the world. The highest height of the emu can be 1.5 metres. It can run at speed of up to 50 kilometres per hour. In a nut shell, Australia is one of a kind as there are many aspect let Australia unique. Therefore, there are a lot of tourist love to visit Australia.

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