Saturday, February 1, 2020

Roles of a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room Research Paper

Roles of a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room - Research Paper Example This research paper focuses on describing the profession and everyday duties of registered nurses, also known as (RN), that are the majority of the employees in the industry of health. They are often responsible for assigning tasks to other nurses, nursing assistants and licensed practitioners. The phrase registered is used for a reason, the researcher explaines, and this is because they are specialized and have more knowledge on a certain area in the hospital environment. Normally, there is a registered nurse for each section of the healthcare like oncology, neonatal and in the emergency room. This research paper discusses their duties and roles while in the emergency room. In conclusion, the researcher states that most registered nurses work as staff nurses, who are members of a medical team that provide critical health care. Nevertheless, some of the registered nurses opt to advance to practice nurses, who work together with other physicians or independently. They may also focus o n the stipulation of primary care services. They provide direct care for patients, and expert consultation services in the various specialties of nursing like psychiatric, mental health. Those who specialized in anesthetists, offer anesthesia and correlated care either before or after surgical or obstetrical and diagnostic procedures. They also offer emergency and pain management services like airway management. Nonetheless, there is an assortment of other areas that nurse could choose to specialize and get registered.

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